Southern Buck Select with Salad Bar

Want a big buck? Southern Buck wildlife food plots provide whitetail deer, turkey, and other wildlife the high-quality nutrition they need to grow to trophy size. It will also provide forage in fall and winter months when natural forages are least available and the extra nutrition in the spring and summer to keep your herd healthy.

Why plant a Southern Buck Food Plot?

  • Easy to plant.
  • Developed for the South.
  • Keeps your deer where you need them.
  • It provides the needed protein for the proper antler and body development
  • Provides forage when natural forage is dormant
  • Good for all types of wildlife especially deer and turkey.
  • Promotes healthy wildlife.



Item #51109

A blend of Wheat, Oats, Rye, Winter Rapeseed, Radish, Rape, & Brassica
Southern Buck Select will enhance your hunting experience. It is economical and easy to plant.
Planting rate: 50lbs. per 1/2 acre.

Additional information

Tips For Success

Select a plot that will provide safety and comfort. Long and narrow with bends provide the necessary security.
Sunshine is important. the site needs to receive a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day.
Plant 2.5 to 7 acres of food plots for every 100 acres of habitat.
Test your soil. Add lime to bring the pH to 6.0-6.5. Provide adequate levels of potassium and phosphorus.
Properly prepare the soil. Plots should be free of weeds and debris.

Preparation Timeline

In late summer, spray or cut the weeds in your food plot. Also, till or disk the soil, apply lime at this time.
Mid-September thru October, till or disk the plot and drag to make smooth. Apply mixed fertilizer at this time.
Plant your plot.
4-6 weeks after plant emergence side dress with fertilizer. Use either dry fertilizer or Clarks Liquid Fertilizer.


Drill or broadcast evenly across soil surface.
Plant your mix 1/4" – 1/2" deep. (Small seed should not be planted deeper than 1-4")
Use a light drag, cultipacker or log to firm the soil after planting.


In absence of soil test apply 350 lbs./acre of 13-13-13 and 1 ton of ag lime.
4-6 weeks after plant emergence apply a side dress of 34-0-0 at 125-150 lbs./acre or Clarkes Liquid Fertilizer.