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We know you’re looking for the best products because your animals deserve the best. We’ve been producing high-quality seed and feed for 36 years just for you.

Our Story & Commitment:

Southern Seed & Feed, LLC began its mill manufacturing establishment in East Mississippi in 1983. We started in business as a portable seed cleaning processor. As time continued, we needed more business; therefore, we proceeded to look for other opportunities. We saw a need in the feed industries for someone to supply the retail outlets with good quality grain products. We started calling on local feed stores to sell them clean bagged corn. This was well accepted. We also began making feed at this time, as we felt there was a good market for textured feed, and the large feed companies did not specialize in textured feed. We have continued to grow from one employee to a current sizable number of employees.

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Why Southern Seed & Feed

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to the feed and nutrition of your animals. We are pleased to offer exceptional feed and seed, and here’s how we’re different than other brands:

  1. Local to Mississippi and your farms
  2. Our attention to quality in smaller batches
  3. Your needs and our attention to how we can help
  4. Focus on the best production possible

only the best available

It’s time to discover the difference we offer with our quality products. Everything is fine-tuned and crafted with your animals in mind. Nothing leaves our production without being tested for the highest quality and utility.