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Millet - White Proso


 White Proso Millet is a warm season summer annual commonly grown around the world. White Proso is used for cattle feed, deer, rabbit, quail, turkey, dove and is also popular for

feeding exotic birds such as finches. White Proso Millet is a fast germinating plant that matures in 65 to 90 days depending on weather conditions. Plant White Proso Millet on well-drained soils for best results.


Application or Use: 

Cover Crop, Erosion Control, Cattle Forage, Livestock Grazing, Food Plot.

Germination Time: 5 - 7 days, under optimal conditions. 

Growing Locations: Warm Season, Transition Zone, Cool Season. Height: 3 - 6 feet. Sunlight 

Requirements: 8+ hours, full sun for best results. 

Advantages: Increased drought tolerance; high seed producer under hot, dry conditions. 

When to Plant: Recommend planting time is spring and summer when night time temperatures are consistently 65+ degrees.


WEIGHT: 50 lbs



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