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Southern Buck Rack Zone

A blend of ten plant varieties, Rack Zone is perfect for maximum attraction and is easy to plant. This nutritious forage blend is designed to maximize antler potential, rut recovery, and fawn development and growth.


Plant at a rate of 30-50lbs. per ½ acre. Drill or broadcast evenly across soil surface. Plant your mix ¼”- ½” deep. (Small seed should not be planted deeper than ¼”) Use a light drag, cultipacker or log to firm the soil after planting.

In absence of soil test, apply 350 lbs./acre of 13-13-13 and 1 ton of ag lime. 4-6 weeks after emergence, apply a side dress of 34-0-0 at 125-150 lbs./acre. PREPARATION

In late summer, spray or cut the weeds in your food plot. Also till or disk the soil, apply lime at this time. Mid-September thru October, till or disk the plot and drag to make smooth. Apply mixed fertilizer at this time.

WEIGHT: 50lbs


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