About Us

Southern Seed & Feed, LLC began its mill manufacturing establishment in East Mississippi in 1983. We started in business as a portable seed cleaning processor.

As time continued, we needed more business; therefore, we proceeded to look for other opportunities. We saw a need in the feed industries for someone to supply the retail outlets with good quality grain products. We started calling on local feed stores to sell them clean bagged corn. This was well accepted. We also began making feed at this time, as we felt there was a good market for textured feed, and the large feed companies did not specialize in textured feed.

We have continued to grow from one employee to a current sizable number of employees. We currently service numerous feed stores throughout Mississippi and Alabama, many of which are serviced on a weekly basis. We also supply products to various distributors in the South.

Our business has grown above and beyond our expectations in sales. We buy as much grain as possible from our local farms to make certain they receive the best price possible for their crops. We also feel this is a help to our local economy and ensures that we have a very high quality product for sale.

Southern Seed & Feed, LLC specializes in making textured feed for horses, cattle, sheep & goats, hogs, chickens, small animals, and wildlife. For the past years in the South, many of our small towns had small feed mills that produced feed. These small feed mills were part of a Co-op Store or part of a privately owned retail store. These feed mills enabled the retail store to blend the type of feed that their customers requested. Many of these feed mills were built 60 to 100 years ago and, as they have not been updated as the years have come and gone, they are obsolete. Many of these mills are worn out to the point that it would cost too much to repair. The owners are also finding that the insurance it takes to cover these mills is too costly for the amount of feed they produce.

Therefore, these mills are continually closing down. As the mills close, the retail stores are looking for a larger feed mill to manufacture feed for them. Southern Seed & Feed, LLC is picking up these accounts and producing the type of feed their customers are accustomed to receiving. We are selling them bagged feed, grain and some other types of seed.

One of their concerns is: “Will Southern Seed & Feed, LLC be able to manufacture enough feed to supply our needs?” We have considered their question, and we feel we should be able to increase our feed production enough to supply their needs and still have room to grow. With this in mind, we are endeavoring to be available to support the demand.

We are looking forward to a progressive growth and being a continued part of the feed industry and seed business.

Roger A. Koehn